Friday, July 25, 2008


This past weekend we went to D.C. to go to the wedding of one of my hubster's good high school friends. We flew into D.C. Sunday morning at around 8:30am. After landing, we got our rental car and planned to meet up with one of my hubster's other friends who was there for the wedding too. To our dismay, we missed the turn off when leaving the airport to go to Alexandria, Virginia. We ended up driving along the Potomac River for quite sometime while looking for a way to turn back around. What we didn't know was that D.C. freeways are not like California freeways. You can't just hop on the next exit and turn back around. Instead, it's like a maze. You have to take one freeway to the next to the next until you get close enough to your original destination. It took us about two hours to get to a town that was only 6 miles away. Pathetic, right?

We eventually had to have my hubster's friend and wife come and get us because we just couldn't figure out how to get to their hotel. We had a late breakfast at this place that had a window sign that said "Good service is a hobbit." Later that afternoon, we went to see a couple of the nearby monuments. We walked from 17th and Constitution all the way to the Lincoln monument. It doesn't sound too bad, but it was blazing hot. There was some sort of heat wave. It felt like the middle of the Sahara. Along the way, we got to see the World War II memorial. I enjoyed the Lincoln monument. It reminded me of a giant penny. Afterwards, I convinced my hubster to indulge me in an overpriced popsicle, which was like a little slice of icy heaven. Seeing the monuments was very cool and we had good company. It's picture time.

Our starting point.

World War II Memorial.
There's a wreath for every state.

View of the Washington monument and World War II monument and us in the way.

As my hubster says, "It's the big stick."
Personally, I think Washington got cheated in the monument department.

Us at the foot the Lincoln monument.

My hubster and Jon at Lincoln's foot.

View of Capital building in the distance.
All I can think of is the School House Rock Bill song.

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