Sunday, June 22, 2008

"You're Like Princess Sh*t"

I'm a fan of off-beat love movies like Science of Sleep and Amelie. Dedication falls into that category. It's about a quirky complicated author, Henry, who has to get over his own hang ups in order to let love in. When the movie begins, you think that no one could ever love this guy and how can you watch entire movie with him as the main character.

Somehow, Henry does manage become endearing as he falls for Lucy. The best part of Henry is that he never uses this one secret to win Lucy back. Instead, he opts to persuade her with his honest admiration for her. Billy Crudup plays Henry. I've always really liked Billy Crudup ever since Inventing the Abbotts and even when he was in Big Fish. Mandy Moore, who plays Lucy, actually does some decent acting. Kudos to her. I definitely recommend watching this movie if you like not-so-cheesy-messed-up-antiheroes-as-leading-men love movies.

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