Saturday, June 28, 2008

Miss Gold Bond,TopRight,0,0_AA280_SH20_.jpg

A few nights ago, we discovered that kitties go crazy for Gold Bond. My hubster was putting some Gold Bond on for his itch then our Tabatha starting going towards him to snuggle with him. We didn't think anything of it because she's such a daddy's girl. Then, she started getting all crazy like she does with catnip. She even tried to rub her pointy teeth against him. She just wouldn't stop. Finally, we made the connection between the response and the Gold Bond.

Later that night, stupid me tries to test Tabatha. While she's sleeping, I dangle the closed tube in front of her. No response. Then, I open the cap and dangle. No response. Uh oh, I suddenly saw a little bit coming out. I instantly closed it. Unknowingly, some had already dropped on the carpet next to her face. When she finally realized she had some of her new favorite treat available, we heard excited jingle jangle movements. To our surprise, she ATE the whole bit that was on the floor. We spent the remaining of the evening calling emergency animal clinics and watching for signs of poisoning. She made it through the evening perfectly, without any change in behavior. Good thing it wasn't the Gold Bond powder because that would have poisoned her since it has zinc oxide in it. Lesson learned. Keep Gold Bond anything away from Tabatha at all times.

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