Sunday, April 6, 2008

Over Rainbows and Down Rabbit Holes

Until June 15th, the art museum has a really interesting exhibit called Over Rainbows and Down Rabbit Holes. It's an exhibit that displays a bunch of pieces based on children's books by artists or authors/illustrators. I was really impressed with Beatrix Potter's sketches, particularly Cinderella. They have a wonderful soft enchanting glow. I could immediately tell which pieces were by Maurice Sendak. I guess it's from all those years of reading Where the Wild Things Are, Pierre, Chicken Soup with Rice, etc. Of course, this exhibit hall was somewhat nosier than other halls because of all the kiddos about. I thought it was really funny that I only saw adults sitting in the hedge reading area in the center of the room. Most of the adults were elderly as well. I'm assuming that they're looking for that childhood innocence or whimsy that left them so long ago. I'm looking forward to seeing the exhibit again before it goes. :)

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