Sunday, March 9, 2008

"Gangster Lean"

My friend Mychal got me into urban dictionary. I was looking up some words and came across a definition for "Gangster Lean." It was just so perfect that I had to share it here.

1. Gangster Lean

1) The way in which a 'gangster' sits in the driving seat of his 'ride'. ie, leaning towards the passenger seat, with one arm resting on the glove/tape box in the middle, the other hand on top of the wheel and head ducked low under the rearview.

2) A type of walk or bowl employed by a 'gangster' that makes it look like said gangster has a slight limp from perhaps having a 'cap' 'popped' in their leg.
Thus leaning to the opposite side and taking the weight of the injured leg produces a gangster lean. An injured leg however is by no means a prerequisite for having a gangster lean, many adopt the style in an effort to look 'hard' or 'cool'.

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