Saturday, January 19, 2008

Not Always Egocentric

This week has been a particularly long week. 0_0 Thank God there was three-day weekend lying ahead. Otherwise, I don't know if I could have made it. Yesterday, I was trudging along through the afternoon, anxiously watching the clock like the kiddos. Then, I had this endearing conversation with Mr. MH.

Me: (walking about stamping ABC books with a way cool penguin stamp.)
Mr. MH: Mrs. T---?
Me: (readies stamp, assuming that's what he needs) Yes, Mr. MH?
Mr. MH: Where did you go for first grade? (still working on his assignment)
Me: Oh. (completely surprised) Well, I'm from San Diego, so I went to an elementary school called Sandburg Elementary. My first grade teacher was Mrs. Trosper.
Mr. MH: Oh. (seemingly satisfied with the response)

Normally, most of the kids around this age are still pretty egocentric. However, a lot of my kids are intellectually mature, so their surpassing this developmental level already. Mr. MH's question was definitely a nice late afternoon pick me up. He's just one of those sensitive inquisitive kids. It's pretty awesome. :)

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