Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Name isn't Nanny


Over this past weekend, we watched Nanny Diaries. I had been looking forward to watching it, especially since they casted Scarlett Johanson in the lead role. I loved Scarlett in the Island and Girl with a Pearl Earring. I also read the book a couple of summers ago and fell in love with little Greyer. Was I disappointed? Most definitely. I thought that there was too much focus on the relationship between Nanny and Harvard Hottie. Greyer wasn't as adorable as I had envisioned it. It just wasn't anywhere close to being as endearing as the book. Despite its shortcomings, I do have a favorite part:

Scene: Nanny and Greyer sitting on the beach in Nantucket.

I want to be rich like my daddy.
Nanny: Grove, remember money can't buy you love.
Greyer: Yes it can. Mommy pays you and I love you.

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